Wall mounting

The possibilities of wall mounting

Create a simple eye-catcher with aluminum panel, LED or textile frames that are mounted on the wall. Wall mounting is applicable to our single- and double-sided aluminum LED and textile frames. The mounting of a single-sided frame can be done using wallmounts or by piercing the aluminum frame. When ordering you have the option to add one of our wallmounts to the order. Every product has his own wallmount that we advise.

Single-sided wall frame Textile frame wall mounted
Modern LED and textile frame for on the wall

Discover our Wallmounts

Our wallmounts are made out of steel. This makes these wall mounting options very strong. The wallmount is also adjustable in height.

Drilled SEG-frame Pierce through frame Wall mounting »
The possibilities of a Drilled frame

In addition to wall mounting, it is also possible to drill through a large number of aluminum profiles. We can send the Eco 15, Simple 19 and Slim 25 pre-drilled. We call these pre-drilled frames, frames with punch holes. Other aluminium frames can be drilled through, but we recommend using wall mounts for wall mounting, with the exception of dibond profiles. With LED on dibond, it is possible to pierce the dibond plate and then attach it to the wall. It is also possible to place LED and textile frames hanging or free-standing.