Textile print

Aluminum frame with Textile print

An aluminum frame with textile print is suitable for various purposes. Due to our wide range of aluminum textile frames, we can provide wall frames, hanging frames, standing frames, acoustic frames, LED frames and much more. The textile print can be applied to the various frames. All our textile frames can be provided with an advertising expression.

Aluminum frame with textile print

Eenvoudig wisselbaar textielprint met aluminium frame

You could easily change the textile print with silicone strip

Every size possible

Each frame is made to measure

Switchable prints

Simply change the textile print


Aluminum frames are compactly packed and worldwide transportation is possible.

The textile print Eenvoudig wisselbaar

The textile print

as Application

The aluminum frames can be provided with a textile print with a flat tendon. The tension fabric can be quickly and easily stretched into the textile frame. The popularity of these tendon fabrics are easy to explain: a beautiful way of presenting and it is easy to change the visual. You can change your advertisement in no time and as often as you wish.

Applicable to all our

Textile frames

There are various suppliers who offer tension fabric. Please note that when purchasing a textile print, you buy one with a flat tendon. Only a textile print with flat tendon / silicone strip can be applied to our textile frames. The tension fabric could be applied to the textile frame, curved frame or LED frame. The textile print is not applicable to our panel frames. The panel frame can be provided with an artwork, so that it has a beautified appearance.