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Create eye-catching displays in shops, create exhibition stands, banners or unique room dividers that are perfect in any office. Use the baseplates in showrooms or under an exhibition desk. The baseplate acts as a footrest under our LED and textile frames. The baseplates are divided into regular, side and unique. Varying in weight and length, each with their own characteristic, our baseplates have a modern look.

Free-standing frame Free-standing frame

To stabilize our led and textile frames

Baseplates Regular

Our baseplate regular are rectangular and made out of steel or aluminum. These basplates are the most popular in our collection. With the included hardware the baseplate is easy to mount under the aluminum frame.

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Baseplates Sides

The baseplates side are specially designed to stabilize large aluminum profiles. With the attachment point on the side, this baseplate is mounted on the side of the aluminum frame. With the included hardware it is easy to mount.

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Baseplates Unique

Our baseplates unique are made out of steel an give a finishing touch to the aluminum frame. These modern baseplates are divided into wheels, delta and set (L&R) high. The baseplate wheel has to be attached at the bottom and makes it easier to move due to its wheels. Baseplate delta en set (L&R)high are attached to the side of the aluminum textile frame.

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