Seg Frame

Silicone edge graphics Printed fabric

SEG is short for silicone edge graphics, which is a printed fabric with a thin silicone beading neatly around the edges, so it fits easily into an aluminum frame. The silicone tendon fits into the groove within the frame. The fabric is made out of stretch material, so the fabric fits smoothly into the frame. As result you will have a frameless and modern appearance.

SEG Frame SEG Frame
A SEG Frame as lightbox Lightbox SEG frame
Your solution for Retail and trade shows

SEG systems are the most popular type of signage in retail environments, trade shows, restaurants, museums, shopping malls, showrooms and other public areas. These tension fabric displays or SEG frames have an upscale appearance thanks to the sublimation print, that produces a vibrant image. The visual creates more impression and because of his enhanced quality it makes the fabric print desirable for any advertising display. Besides the good look, fabric prints are also extremely durable as the sublimation print is washable, wrinkle resistant and easy to instal and remove. This means that large graphics could be installed within minutes by just a single person, no experience is needed.

SEG systems are the most popular type of signage


SEG Systems

SEG systems are made out of aluminum and a fabric graphic. The extrusion profiles are available in different colors and optional with lighting technology. Custom sizes and endless designs ensures that every customer gets what he/she needs. SEG fabric frames include single sided models in different shapes and depths. Double sided frames are popular for hanging or free-standing displays where they could be viewed from multiple directions. EFKA even has illuminated frames in single and double sided models that make high-impact displays for wall mounting, hanging and floor standing applications.

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Indoor lightbox Silicone edge graphics
The benefits of a

SEG fabric frame

One of the benefits of SEG fabric frames is their versatility. The frame could be wall mounted, suspended from above, or used as a standing banner / display. This makes the SEG frame excellent as a POP-up display, use of windows merchandising displays and other store displays. The silicone edge graphics are available in every size desired and they will attract the attention and engage customers when you choose the right size.