Reduction of sound At offices

Disturbing sounds in the office makes it hard to understand and follow a normal conversation. Due to bad phonics, concentration and the productivity of employees will be less. The use of hard materials in the interior are responsible for this. Bad acoustics at the office could eventually cause health problems. An investment in improving acoustics and reduction of sound will therefore be a wise decision. You also improve the well-being of your employees and colleagues.

  Acoustic room divider in office
  Room divider

Effective shield for Workplace

A room divider is a perfect and effective shield for the workplace. We have different options for improving and reducing reverberation in offices. To determine the correct absorption material, it is important to know what the (main) sound source is and in which setup your staff or colleagues are settled. Based on that information, we will determine which Therm Acoustic you’ll need. Our aluminum textile frames, provided with a textile print and absorbent material, could be used in any situation.

Aluminum frames applicable as