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An aluminum frame

The aluminum frame in combination with a textile print with a silicone tendon has a number of important advantages compared to a photo on canvas or a photo on poster. The changeable print is one of the biggest advantages. If a customer wants to change the appearance of the frame, they only need to purchase a new textile print. Despite the small and cheap adjustment, both the look and the feeling are different. Aluminum frames are very suitable for public places.

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A textile frame in a shop window A textile frame in a shop window

Textile frames

EFKA has a wide range of aluminum textile frames that allow you to easily switch out various marketing expressions. An aluminum textile frame ensures a high attention value and is sustainable. Thanks to the frame-and-lock system, the aluminum textile frame can be mounted quickly and easily; no experience is necessary. An aluminum textile frame could be mounted on a wall, but can also be mounted using baseplates or can be hung by suspension cables or ceiling mounts.



An aluminum LED frame is used as a lightbox. A lightbox gives a space more dimension, a better atmosphere and a modern look. Our lightbox is available in any desired size because we have developed a wide range of LED techniques. The advantage of a lightbox is that some of ours are dimmable. This allows you to set the strength of the light yourself. The LED frame could also be used as an eye-catcher to increase the attention value on an advertisement or during an exhibition. The sales will increase by using a lightbox.

Lightboxes are real eye-catchers Lightbox led frame aluminium frames
Modern panel frames Modern panel frames

Panel frames

Panel frames are suitable for hanging plate material. The small space between the frame and the plate material gives a spacious feel and the simple but modern design makes the print stand out. Perfect for use at home, the office, a showroom or in art galleries.

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