Presentation wall

The many possibilities of

A presentation wall

The mobile presentation wall could be used in various locations and ways. With the presentation wall you get the best out of every room. With the mobile wall you can increase the number of meeting and office spaces in an instant. Our presentation wall is flexible, sustainable and user-friendly. The textile print is easily and quickly to replace. The presentation walls are made of aluminum, are available in various thicknesses, where you determine the finish yourself by using a textile print and footplates. The aluminum textile frame is easy to assemble and disassemble. This makes it compact to transport.

Presentation wall presentation wall

Presentation walls with led lighting

Led frames

Presentation walls

With led lighting

Presentation walls with LED lighting gives your company or product an increased attention value. Our mobile presentation walls are modular. Setting up and disassembling a presentation wall is very easy. This applies to both textile and LED frames.

Putting the textile frame as

Presentation display

Our textile frame and LED frame are not only used as a wall, but also as a display. A presentation display has the same principle as any other textile frame, only the size is smaller. We do not sell standard formats at EFKA. Each order can be made in any desired format. With the help of stabilizers large sizes of textile frames are possible to order. For more information about the possibilities, please contact us.

Presentation display

aluminum led frames