How to build pop-up LEDbox

Promotion display The pop-up ledbox

The Pop up LEDbox is a promotion display for two tension fabrics. It is the alternative for the classic roll-up banner. The Pop-up LED box is available in two sizes; 100 x 200 cm and 100 x 250 cm.

Advantages of the Pop-up LEDbox
Impression pop-up LEDbox Pop-up LEDbox

Modular construction

Easy to transport

Can be use endlessly

Double-sided presentation

Changeable prints

Prints not connected to frame

Illuminated frame

Roll-up banner Roll-up banner

Modular construction

Easy to transport

Could be used approximately 4 times

Single-sided presentation

Print can’t be exchanged

Print attached to frame

Unlit frame

Easy, fast, portable Easy fast portable

Easy to transport In a portable box

The Pop-up LEDbox is designed to be transported quickly and can be assembled in 5 steps, without any tools. The compact box is provided with space for the cloths. So the entire package could be transported add once. Besides the standard box, you can order a matching trolley. This handy trolley replaces the standard box and makes it even easier to transport your Pop-up LED box. The Pop-up LEDbox XL is standard delivered with a trolley.

Create success with an illuminated Pop up display

With a total weight of only 9,5 kg or 14 kg, the LEDbox go is a real lightweight on the market for mobile advertising displays. Create more success with light. The Pop-up LEDbox outshines the roll up banner. With integrated lighting the advertisement will get the attention it deserves. Place two tension fabrics, so both sides are illuminated. Whether it is day or night, this illuminated aluminum frame gets attention in every situation. Replace the tension fabric and you will create a whole new advertisement within a few seconds. Create an illuminated success with this pop up display.

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