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Outdoor frame

Outdoor 90

Outdoor frame

Outdoor 90

  • Easy assembly
  • Modular construction
  • Weatherproof aluminum profile
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Outdoor 90
Article numberNF-04668
ApplicationWall mount
TypeOutdoor frame
Weight2,302 kilo/meter
Frame color
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The outdoor aluminum profile is specially designed to hang an printed textile print outdoors. The outdoor profile consists of two profiles, namely: the "clamping profile" and a "cover profile". Springs are fixed between the "clamping profile" and the "cover profile", so that the cover profile can be easily opened and closed.


Download the install sheet.

Tread design
Outdoor 90
Extend the aluminum frame
Outdoor 90
Choose your own frame Outdoor 90

Thanks to the modular construction, the assembly of a textile frame is quick and easy. By simply connecting the corners together and placing the textile print in the frame, the desired expression is ready in no time. This modular outdoor textile frame is easy to assemble.

Modular construction
Connect corner pieces Add stabilizers to frame Place textile print Close outdoor frame
Large sized frames
Extend the frame Extend the frame
Add stabilizers Add stabilizers
Endless formats

Large formats frames

Large size lightboxes are flat packed to minimise freight cost. After shipping or after ordering extra lengths, easily assemble the profiles with simple tools to make one frame of the Lightbox 90.

To ensure stability of large size frames, stabilisers can be added to the frame.

Maintain stability

Stabilizer Advice

Depending on the frame size, stabilisers can be assembled into the aluminiumframe to ensure stability of the frame. More information about stabilisers is included in chapter four.

Frame Length Stabilizers
< 2 meter 0
2 - 2,5 meter 1 recommended
2,5 - 4 meter 1 required
4 - 5 meter 2 recommended
5 - 6,5 meter 2 required
6,5 - 7,5 meter 3 recommended
7,5 - 9 meter 3 required
Stabilizer options Stabilizer options

Choose your own setup

Outdoor 90 wall mount
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