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Illuminated advertisements

EFKA is the supplier and expert in lightboxes. The advertising light box could be illuminated both single-sided as double-sided. Through years of experience, we have developed various LED techniques. For every wish there is an LED technique that matches the desired end result. The textile print with tendon gives you a flexible solution to create a striking message

Indoor lightbox

Indoor lightbox
Advertising lightboxes Advertising lightboxes

Custom made Lightbox

Ordering a custom made light box is easy online. You could decide for yourself which light box or light boxes you would like to purchase. At EFKA we deliver via our dealers. That is why we are your partner in frames for you as a reseller. The advertising light boxes and also the other aluminum frames are usually packed in ready-to-send boxes and machine-closed. All loose parts such as pre-loaded locksets and hex keys are placed in a separate box in the main packaging, this prevents unnecessary searching

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Indoor lightboxes

EFKA is the complete supplier for indoor advertising, light boxes, textile frames, LED frames and curved frames for resellers in the print & sign industry. From retail signing to large (international) projects. We have a large stock so fast delivery is possible. See our many possibilities

Textile frames on display Textilframes on display
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