Lightbox double 160 lights off
Double-sided frame

Lightbox double 160

Double-sided frame

Lightbox double 160
  • Ideal for large format frames
  • Equal light distribution
  • Wide aluminum profile

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Lightbox double 160
Article numberNF-041600
ApplicationFreestanding / Suspended
TypeDouble-sided frame
Weight2,005 kilo/meter
OptionHeavy PowerLED
Frame color
(Pick a color)

Create eye-catching hanging LED-illuminated banners and displays that are perfect in any showroom or above any exhibition stand by using ceiling mounts. Make eye-catching displays, standing banners or exhibition walls with baseplates. Holes must be drilled in the Lightbox 160 to attach ceiling mounts or baseplates.


Download the install sheet.

Tread design
This LED strip illuminates the textile print from the side
A LED driver is a power supply for LED strips.
Large format frames
Extend SEG frame Extend the frame
Lightbox stabiliser Add stabilizers
Endless formats

Large formats frames

Large size lightboxes are flat packed to minimise freight cost. After shipping or after ordering extra lengths, easily assemble the profiles with simple tools to make one frame of the Lightbox Double 160.

LED on stabilizer is recommended for extremely large formats to ensure an even light distribution. It illuminates the textile print from the back with LED mounted on stabilizers.

Maintain stability

Stabilizer Advice

Depending on the frame size, stabilisers can be assembled into the aluminiumframe to ensure stability of the frame. More information about stabilisers is included in chapter four

Frame Length Stabilizers
< 2 meter 0
2 - 2,5 meter 1 recommended
2,5 - 4 meter 1 required
4 - 5 meter 2 recommended
5 - 6,5 meter 2 required
6,5 - 7,5 meter 3 recommended
7,5 - 9 meter 3 required
Stabilizer options Stabilizer options
LED technique


This lightbox illuminates the textile print from the edge of the profile using LED strips placed to the inside channel of the frame.

Unique feature of the Lightbox Double 160 is the possibility to mount the LED in multiple positions within the frame. Choose from single-sided or two-sided light mounts. The best fit for your client depends on the size of the frame and the brightness required



LED color

5000-7000k White

Lumen per m²

+/- 3100


AF90-015 Powerled CREE 9x2.7W lens-24V 47cm
AF90-016 Powerled CREE 3x2.7W lens-24V 15.7cm
AF90-017 Powerled CREE 6x2.7W lens-24V 31.3cm
AF90-035 Powerled CREE 9x2.1W lens-24V 47cm
AF90-040 Powerled CREE 3x2.1W lens-24V 15.7cm
AF90-045 Powerled CREE 6x2.1W lens-24V 31.3cm

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European approved

PHILIPS licentie

1. Long side LED

When the lightbox has one side of max 0,5 metres. The longer side is unlimited in size.

LED posities

2. Short sides LED

When the lightbox has one side above 0,5 metres (until max. 1,2 metres) and the longer side has a maximum length of 2 metres

LED posities

3. Long sides LED

When one side of the lightbox is above 2 metres and the other one is beneath 3 metres.

LED postitions
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LED positions

The edge-lit profiles that are illuminated with PowerLEDs, have the ability to mount the LED in multiple positions within a frame. Choose from single-sided or two-sided light mounts, mounted within the long side of the frame or the short side. Which option is the best fit for the lightbox of your client, depends on the size.

Suitable for two prints
Even illuminated

Blockout fabric

Use blockout fabric in de channel in the back of the frame to create a better light reflection and logistic advantage, instead of a heavy reflection wall.

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Suspended SEG frame
Freestanding SEG frame