LED techniques

Textile frames with LED lighting

Through years of experience, we have developed various LED techniques, where every wish could be fulfilled. LED on dibond could be used for small to medium sized formats. The Edge-lit technique is excellent for illuminating from the sides of the frame. This technique also has a good price-quality ratio. The LED on stabilizer could be used for large and very large sizes.

For every wish there is an LED technique that matches the desired result. The textile print with tendon gives you a flexible solution to convey a striking message.

Seg frame with led lighting Indoor lightbox LED techniques
Led techniques of

Indoor lightboxes

For optimal light output of your light box, we recommend one of the following LED techniques. The indoor lightbox is easy to turn on, making an advertising message stand out. The lightboxes are supplied with pre-assembled LED lighting. The light box could be installed without technical knowledge and extra tools. A light box is available in any size and fits into all interiors. Thanks to its long service life and minimal power consumption, EFKA provides cost-saving and energy-efficient light boxes.

LED lighting

Modern and unique

For modern and unique LED lighting, choose one of the options on the right. Arrange the color with the rgb light box. Create a wonderful atmosphere with a magical 3D textile print. Or combine the tension fabric with luminous animations, by using our dynamic 3D system.