LED on dibond

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A textile frame

With led on dibond

With this LED technique, the textile print, in a textile frame, is illuminated at the back with lighting pre-assembled on a dibond plate. Because of the wide-angle lenses it creates an even light distribution.

For small or medium-sized formats, a LED on a dibond plate in a lightbox is an excellent solution. Because the power LEDs are placed on a dibond, it is possible to make very narrow lightboxes. Despite the depth, all LED drivers are placed in the frame. Because the LED lighting is placed close to the textile print, the visual is clearly visible.

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LED on dibond
LED technique

The frame is illuminated from
the back of the frame

Only 50 mm with
maximum light strength

Minimum frame thickness with a maximum
amount of lumen per m²

Option to
Dim the light

Determine the light intensity
with our dimmer

A textile frame with led on dibond

Led on stabilizer
The power of a


Due to the flat LEDs EFKA uses, it is possible to create a very narrow lightbox. The angle of the lens is positioned so it provides perfect even illumination over the entire aluminum frame. This LED lighting is dimmable. The dimmer is, just like the LED driver, incorporated into the LED frame. With the dimmer, our remote control, the lightbox is easily dimmable. In most situations we advise a dimmable frame. So you could always set the frame to the desired strength.