LED on dibond

Lightbox on dibond

A textile frame

With led on dibond

For small or medium-sized formats, a LED on a dibond plate in a lightbox is an excellent solution. Because the power LEDs are placed on dibond, it is possible to make very narrow lightboxes. Despite the depth, all LED drivers are placed in the frame. Because the LED lighting is placed close to the textile print, the visual is clearly visible.

LED technique

LED on dibond

With this LED technique, the textile print, in a textile frame, is illuminated from the back with lighting pre-assembled on a dibond plate. This LED lighting is dimmable. The dimmer is, just like the LED driver, incorporated into the LED frame. With the dimmer, our remote control, the lightbox is easily dimmable. In most situations we advise to take a dimmable frame. So you could always set the frame on the desired strength.

LED-colour6500-7000k White
Lumen per m²7250 of 1100
RGB possibilityMultiple colours
CE-markingEuropean approved
Warranty3 years
Mounting LED lights

The LED frame, equipped with a dibond plate, is easy to assemble. The assembly steps are written below. If there are any questions, please contact one of our employees.

Connect LED frame 1. Connect the parts

Place the extensionset in the designated groove and attach the dibond connector. Slide the parts together to connect the frame.

Lightbox construction 2. Connect the plugs

Put the pre-assembled LED-strips and drivers together.

Modular LED construction 3. Place the frame

Attach the frame to the wall by drilling through the dibond plate.

Tension fabric 4. Attach the textile print

First attach the silicone tendon in the corners of the groove. Then press the print into the rest of the groove.

LED mounted
on dibond

The LEDs are pre-mounted on a dibond plate, whereby the textile print is illuminated from the rear.

Perfect light

The wide angle lenses guarantee an even light distribution.

To dim

With the pre-installed dimmer it is possible to control the brightness by using a remote control.


It is an option to make this LED frame compatible with DALI systems.