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A LED frame as lightbox

With lateral lighting

This LED technique illuminates the textile print from the side(s) of the profile. Powerful LEDs with special lenses are pre-assembled on the inside of the frame. This makes the frame as a whole easy to assemble. This process creates an LED frame that is used as a lightbox.

The big advantage of this technique is price and quality. Medium sized frames can be lit with this technique. Because the LED power supply is placed on the sides, these LED frames are packaged flat. This makes it possible to transport the frames more economically. The power LEDs have a unique feature, they illuminate the entire frame evenly from the side.

Sample request
Lightbox sample

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LED technique

The frame is from the
side (s) of the frame illuminated

Option for a
block-out background

Flexible reflection back wall
for better light distribution

Compact packed and
easy to transport

Modular construction where our
LED is pre-assembled

The LED is pre-assembled in the lightbox

LED lighting

The Heavy powerLED is used for Edge-lit LED technology. The Heavy powerLED has a powerful lens and is pre-assembled on the sides of the frame. The lateral lighting makes it possible to choose between single-sided and double-sided lighting.

Heavy power LEDs are under license from Philips and have a 2-year warranty.

Philips licentie

LED positions

The power LEDs could be mounted in multiple positions in the frame. Choose single-sided or double-sided lighting on the long side or the short side of the LED frame. The best option for your light box depends on the size of the aluminum frame.

LED on long side
1. LED on long side Suitable for formats of which one side does not exceed 0.5 meters. The longest side could be unlimited.
LED on short side
2. LED on short side Suitable for light boxes with one side above 0.5 meters (up to 1.2 meters) and the longest side does not exceed 2 meters.
LED on long sides
3. LED on long sides Suitable for light boxes with one side below 2 meters and the other side above 2 meters.
LED on stabilizer
4. LED on stabilizer If the product is wider or higher than 3 meters, we recommend a LED on stabilizer.