A lightbox with side lighting

This LED technology is mounted on the inside of the aluminum profile. And is very suitable for small and medium-sized frames. These LEDs have the unique feature that they illuminate the entire frame from the side.

Applied LED lighting

The LEDs whom are used for Edge-lit LED technology, are the Heavy Powerleds. These LED are powerful and is pre-assembled on the sides of the frame. The lateral lighting makes it possible to choose between single-sided and double-sided lighting.

LED-colour6500-7000k White
Lumen per m²+/- 3100
CE-markingEuropean approved
Warranty3 years
Construction of led lighting in LED lighting

Mounting an LED frame is simple and done in just a few steps. Below is shown how the frame should be mounted.

Connect corners lightbox 1. Connect the corners

Put the two different locksets together. Install the locksets in the appropriate groove and attach the miter cut lengths together.

Connect the plugs 2. Connect the plugs

Put the pre-assembled LED-strips and drivers together.

Place fabric 3. Place blockout fabric - OPTIONAL

Attach the blockout fabric into the inner groove. This fabric blocks the lights, so the textile prints is more visible.

Place frame 4. Place the frame

Attach the frame by drilling it to the wall or install wall mounts. Let the wall mount support the frame. Suspension from the ceiling is also an option.

Attach textile fabric 5. Attach the textile print

First attach the silicone tendon in the corners of the groove. Then press the print into the rest of the groove.

Strengthen frame Strengthen frame - OPTIONAL

To ensure stability of large sizes aluminum frames, stabilizers are mounted inside the frame to act like internal support beams.

LED technique

The frame is illuminated
from the side(s)

Option for a
block-out background

Flexible reflection back wall
for better light distribution

Compact packed and
easy to transport

Modular construction where our
LED is pre-assembled