Textile frame cylinder
Single sided and double sided

Cylinder textile frame

Single sided and double sided

Cylinder textile frame

  • Available as a single-sided and double-sided frame
  • Visible from all sides
  • Possibility to hang from the ceiling
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Heavy 27 Double 44
ApplicationWall mount / SuspendedWallmount / Freestanding / Suspended
TypeSingle-sided frameDouble-sided frame
Weight0,677 kilo/meter0,785 kilo/meter
OptionSound absorbing material
Therm Acoustic D20/25
Sound absorbing material
Therm Acoustic D40/40
Frame kleur
(Choose a color)
(Choose a color)

Thanks to our advanced rolling machine, many different shapes could be bent. This way your customer could create the most striking forms, so that all attention is drawn to the specific message. Our material is of high quality and could also improve acoustics. Use the cylinder textile frame as a hanging banner in the store or on the stock exchange.

Unique curved forms

Create unique shapes with our bending capabilities and attract attention. With curved aluminum textile frames, your message is visible from multiple angles and your sales will increase.

Product sheets

Take a look at the product sheets of the Heavy 27 or Double 44

Circle rontgen
Circle foto
Detailed information

How does bending work?

With a the bending machine EFKA could bent aluminum frames. Both single and double-sided profiles could be bent into the radius as desired. Because this bending machine performs laser measurements during the rolling process, this machine is really accurately.


Exhibition stand Frame curved Exhibition desk Cylinder frame
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Unlimited number of possibilities

Our curved textile frames are available as single-sided and double-sided frames in two different thicknesses. The Heavy 27 and Double 44 offer a unique solution for a variety of purposes and help to reinforce a striking advertising message. With this you can distinguish yourself from the rest. Are you not yet completely sure which purposes our frames are suitable for? Then view the endless creations and variations on our impression page of curved frames, to generate your own unique idea.