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Cube 65

The cube aluminum profile Cube 65

A cube textile frame can not be ignored nowadays in exhibition stands. This cube aluminum profile is specially designed for placing textile prints on multiple sides. Spectacular displays are created with this 3D profile. The textile print fits seamlessly and this ensures a perfect design. The Cube 65 is not only used as a freestanding exhibition stand, but also as an unique presentation wall, room divider or impressive hanging banner.

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Modular textile frame

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Nowadays, aluminum textile frames are the solution for a sustainable and modular exhibition stands. The Carre 80 and the Cube 65 are the perfect aluminum profiles to quickly and easily build an exhibition stand. With the cube profile you design a unique 3D stand with seamless corners. With the Carre 80 you could build a modular and striking exhibition stand in a short time. This stand could be provided with textile prints. The textile cloth could be changed within a few moments, making the message or advertising expression adapt to every environment.

The cube 65 as

Modulair textile frame

Due to the flexible corner pieces, the Cube 65 is a modular textile frame. The Cube 65 could easily be extended with the connectable extension set. The Cube 65 is especially suitable for making small to medium size cubes. We recommend the Carre 80 for larger pieces, such as modular stand construction.

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