Silicone print with keder frame
Single-sided frame

Cord 43

Single-sided frame

Cord 43

This aluminum frame is often used as exhibition banner, in retail as a window display and in public spaces as keder rails. An ideal affordable aluminum frame.

  • Easy installation
  • Curved or straight frame
  • Easy to change
Get to know everything Specifications
Cord 43
Article numberNF-04434
TypeSingle-sided frame
Weight0,462 kilo/meter



Download the product sheet and install sheet.

Cord 43 Tread design
Place this endcap at the end of the Cord 43.
Hang your Cord 43 to the ceiling with this hanger.
A affordable

Keder frame

The keder frame is an affordable aluminum frame. This frame could be provided with a textile print with a keder tendon. The tendon is made of flexible PVC to which the print is attached. The canvas with the flexible thick tendon is placed in the aluminum frame and closed with an endcap. These aluminum frames are available in various lenghts.

Cord 43 keder frame