Wall decoration Single-sided seg frame

  • Acoustic decoration
  • Could be provided with a textile print
  • Modern

Single-sided seg frame

Fast and easy to replace

An aluminum SEG frame offers decorative and acoustic wall decoration in any desired format. The textile frame could be provided with a textile print, making the single-sided textile frame a real eye-catcher. A textile frame is a good solution for photo wall. The advantage of a textile print is the possibility to replace it quickly and easily, without having to remove the textile frame from the wall. This makes the aluminum frame durable. The one-sided textile frames from EFKA are the solution for the interior and are used in various public areas, such as the office.

Modern SEG frame Modern SEG frame
Single sided SEG frame Single sided SEG frame

Single sided textile frames

With a modern appearance

The aluminum profiles are economical and sturdy. Our textile frames could be attached to the wall or hung from the ceiling. The textile frames, suitable for wall decoration, are available in various colors. We have our Eco, Simple, Slim and Heavy series. Varying in width and length, each with their own characteristic, our single-sided textile frames have a modern look.

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