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Aluminum frames

The aluminum frame combined with a textile cloth with silicone strip has a number of important advantages compared to a photo on canvas or a photo on poster. At EFKA we call this a textile frame. The changeable print is one of the biggest advantages. When a customer wants to change the appearance of the frame, he / she only needs to purchase a new textile print. The textile print is easy to replace, giving the interior or public space a new look. Depending on the chosen profile, LED lighting could be added to give the aluminum frame more dimension.

Textielframes single-sided

Single-sided textileframes
Easy to assemble
Determine you pown print

EFKA is the supplier of aluminum frames

Textile wall frame

aluminium textielframe
Modular construction

Easy to assemble

All our products are of high quality and easy to assemble. Our profiles are provided with a blueprint, so you could easy assemble yourself. The mounting differs per profile (textile, LED or curved). You could go for single-sided and double-sided frames. Matching products and accessories have been appointed per profile.

How to use single-sided textile frames

The single-sided textile frames from EFKA can be used in retail and public areas. Hang the textile frame on the wall and change the advertisement or visual in no time.



The goods are usually packed in ready-to-send boxes and machine-sealed. All loose parts such as pre-loaded locksets and hex keys are placed in a separate box in the main packaging, this prevents unnecessary searching. All our textile frames are packaged compactly.

Flat packed Compact shipment