Simple 19 close up
Single-sided frame

Simple 19

Single-sided frame

Simple 19

  • Wall mount every 30 cm
  • Extensionset above 4 metres
  • Option: frame with punch holes
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Simple 19
Article numberNF-04190
ApplicationWall mount
TypeSingle-sided frame
Weight0,318 kilo/meter
OptionSound absorbing material
Therm Acoustic D20/10
Frame color
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This single-sided profile is a very popular and versatile aluminium frame. Available in any colour. Widely used in retail- and office interiors or integrated into exhibition stands.

This basic profile is typically used in home decoration and the interior of retail spaces and offices. This single-sided frame is also available with punch holes.


Download the product sheet and install sheet.

Tread design
With punch holes you simply attach the aluminum profile to the wall.
Extend the frame Extend the frame
Pre-drilled Pre-drilled
Endless formats

Large formats frames

Large size textile frames are flat packed. After shipping or after ordering extra lengths, easily connect the profiles together with the extension hardware to make one frame of the Simple 19. This hardware enables you to create large frames of unlimited size!

Punch holes
This textile frame can be mounted to the wall every 30 cm by drilling the profile directly to the wall. To make installation easier for your customers, the Simple 19 is also available with punch holes. This provides a more convenient way to mount the frame to the wall saving time and labour during installation.

Acoustic solutions

Therm Acoustic

Improve sound acoustics by reducing ambient noise in any environment. Mount the frame to the wall, suspend it from the ceiling or use it as a partition wall between office spaces, meeting rooms or showrooms. Perfect for any space that would benefit from ambient noise reduction, from offices and meeting rooms to restaurants.

Therm Acoustic

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Simple 19 Wall mount
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