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Outdoor frame

The single-sided aluminum outdoor system is an aluminum frame in which a large format print can be clamped. The outdoor profile has been specially developed for applying water-repellent textile prints for outdoor advertising. This innovative single-sided outdoor frame consists of two profiles, namely the "clamping profile" and a "cover profile". Clips are attached between the 'clamping profile' and the 'covering profile', which means that the covering profile could be easily opened and closed. If this outdoor profile is closed, the fabric can’t be taken by the wind.

Outdoor seg frame

Outdoor aluminum SEG frame
Simple assembly
Determine your own print
Use for outdoor

The solution for outdoor advertising

Outdoor sign Outdoor sign
Alternative for

Outdoor sign frame

The outdoor textile frame is an alternative to the traditional outdoor sign frame. Place the water-repellent print with the correct expression and reach passers-by, inform them and encourage them to take action. Let it be part of a campaign, in which the prints could be changed several times. It is also possible to keep the print longer, to carry out your corporate identity.

Modular construction Simple assembly

The outdoor frame is easy to assemble. Attach the frame to the wall by piercing it first. After installation, the water-repellent textile print with flat tendon can be placed. Close the frame so that the print does not blow away. The cover profile gives the outdoor frame the finishing touch.

Outdoor profile Outdoor SEG frame
  Compact shipment


The goods are usually packed in ready-to-send boxes and machine-sealed. All loose parts such as pre-loaded locksets and hex keys are placed in a separate box in the main packaging, this prevents unnecessary searching. All our textile frames are packaged compactly.