Modular stand


Exhibition stand

EFKA has years of experience in the field of textile frames, LED frames and curved aluminum frames. These aluminum profiles are often used as an innovative exhibition stand. A trade fair in your own country or abroad is a place full of new opportunities. Take advantage of these opportunities by addressing the right people with a striking exhibition stand. The modular stand construction of EFKA makes it easy to build an exhibition stand. The aluminum frame could be provided with a textile print, in which you determine your own visual. New advertising expression? New textile print.

Two profiles

Double 80


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Carre 80


Modular stand

Packed compactly



Three basic configruations

The possibilities are endless with this profile. We have created three basic configurations to give an impression of the possible applications of this 3D profile.


Two double-sided walls
Consists of:
  • Double 80
Carre L formatie

Three double-sided walls
Consists of:
  • Double 80 and Carre 80
Carre U formatie

Four double-sided walls
Consists of:
  • Double 80 and Carre 80
Carre O formatie
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Stand construction for Exhibition stands

EFKA is the specialist in reusable modular exhibition stands. We advise on the possibilities of stand and exhibition constructions. EFKA supplies complete mobile exhibition stands, portable exhibition walls, banners, advertising light boxes and more. These stands are made of aluminum LED and textile frames. These are durable, packed compactly and are easy to assemble.

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