Exhibition stand

Turn your exhibition stand into A real eye-catcher

With the Carre 80, you design an exhibition stand with seamless corners. An exhibition stand could be built in various ways. Choose a back wall, a back wall with side wall (L-mount) or 3D stand construction with our U-mounting. Make your exhibition stand a real eye-catcher and complete with the O-mounting.

Exhibition wall Stand construction

Three basic configurations

Two double-sided walls
Consists of:
  • Double 80
Carre L
Three double-sided walls
Consists of:
  • Double 80 and Carre 80
Carre U
Four double-sided walls
Consists of:
  • Double 80 and Carre 80
Carre O
Create a professional exhibition stand professional exhibition stand

Exhibition stand

The combination with the Double 80 makes the aluminum frame solid and stable. By using stabilizers any desired size is possible. With the I-mounting it is possible to place the Double 80 free standing or hanging. In an instant a different look? Simply change the textile fabric. Ideal for exhibition stands!

Create your perfect exhibition stand within minutes

Th advantage of a

Textile frame

Purchase a textile frame once and you could quickly and easily change the advertising with a printed textile fabric in an aluminum frame. The tendon cloth can be quickly and easily stretched into the textile frame. The popularity of these tension fabrics is easy to explain: a beautiful way of presenting and quick and easy exchange. You can change your advertisement in no time and as often as you wish.

Create atmosphere in minutes SEG frame
Aluminum frames applicable as