Double sided

Exhibition booth

  • Strong aluminum profile
  • Double-sided SEG frame
  • Ideal as an exhibition wall
Innovative fair and presentation systems

Modular booth

A complete exhibition could be built with our double-sided SEG frames. These pop-up walls are very easy to use and set up within 30 minutes. To make your participation a success, a good presentation and appearance are important. In addition to a great appearance at trade fairs, the exhibition booth or back wall could also be used in showrooms and shops. Each visual could be printed on textile. At EFKA they call that sublimation print. Textile cloths that are finished with a flat tendon could be placed in our silicone edge graphic frame.

SEG frame SEG frame

Modular exhibition booths are fast and easy to assemble

Hanging banner Aluminum banner
Double sided textile frames

Ideal to use

A double-sided aluminum textile frame could be provided with two textile photos. For example, the aluminum frame only needs to be turned to create a different look. The textile print could be changed quickly and easily. Our double-sided textile frames are available in any size. So an ideal outcome at trade fairs and during presentations.

Aluminum frames applicable as