Frame with block out print
Double-sided frame

Double 49 closed

Double-sided frame

Double 49 closed

This double-sided profile is a very popular and super versatile aluminum frame. Available in any color. It is widely used for signage in retail or can be used creatively in the office or showroom for space management solutions, decoration and privacy.

  • Perfect for in a shop window
  • Suitable for large sizes
  • Combine open and closed together
Get to know everything Specifications
Double 49 closed
Article numberNF-04495
ApplicationFreestanding / Suspended
TypeDouble-sided frame
Weight1,171 kilo/meter







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Tread design
Double 49 closed rontgen
Extra groove for blockout fabric.
With the suspension cable you can hang a double-sided frame at the desired height.
Double 49 closed impression
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Double 49

This solid profile is perfect to use in retail, office or showroom. Thanks to its outer channel, various accessories can be applied. The Double 49 is also available with smooth finish, the Double 49.

Double 49
tek open
Therm Acoustic Therm Acoustic
Acoustic solutions

Therm Acoustic

Improve sound acoustics by reducing ambient noise in any environment. Mount the frame to the wall, suspend it from the ceiling or use it as a partition wall between office spaces, meeting rooms or showrooms. Perfect for any space that would benefit from ambient noise reduction, from offices and meeting rooms to restaurants.