Curved wall frame

For public spaces
  • Increase the attention value
  • Solid aluminum profile
  • Replaceable textile print

Seg frame


An aluminum curved SEG frame on your wall could directly associate with a product. It also differs from the "standard" straight shapes that are now often used. This increases the attention value in your store, hotel or restaurant. Thanks to the round shape, every image or message stands out. The SEG frame could also be used for the interior (house, office building etc.)

Circle seg frame Circle seg frame
Curved textile frame Curved textile frame
Possibility of a

Textile frame on both sides

By hanging the curved aluminum circle on the ceiling, with the Double 44, you make it possible to create an advertisement on both sides. Choose two different textile prints, so that two advertisements or images are visible. For example, the textile frame has a similar function to a sidewalk board, but it is even more striking with its round shape.


Curved textile frames

Our curved textile frames are available as single-sided and double-sided frames in two different thicknesses. The Heavy 27 and Double 44 offer a unique solution for a variety of purposes and help to reinforce a striking advertising message. With this you could distinguish yourself from the competition. Are you not yet sure for which purposes our aluminum frames are suitable? Then view the endless creations and variations on our impression page, to generate your own unique idea.

Double 44 Double 44
Heavy 27 Heavy 27
Aluminum frames applicable as