Exhibition wall

  • Available as single-sided and double-sided textile frame
  • Easy replace the textile print
  • The eye-catcher at exhibitions

Textile frames

Curved textile frames are very suitable to use as an impressive exhibition wall at trade fairs and other exhibitions. The curved frame could also be used as a room divider or banner. Increase the attention value with SEG frames in unique shapes. The aluminum frame is easy to assemble and has a textile print who is easy to change. Create spectacular exhibition walls in every size. Simply change the textile print and immediately change the look and feeling.

Spectacular curved wall Curved seg frames
Free standing curved SEG frame Freestanding SEG frame

SEG frame

Free standing

In order to use the aluminum textile frame as a back wall, it is advisable to add foot plates , baseplates, to the SEG frame. So you could use the frame free-standing. This is only possible with our double-sided textile frames, the Double 44. If baseplates are added to the curved textile frame, the bending radius must not exceed 50 degrees. With a larger radius, the curved SEG frame could stand independently.

Aluminum frames applicable as
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