Cabinet 30 close up
Single-sided frame

Cabinet 30

Single-sided frame

Cabinet 30

  • Low-cost textile frame
  • Perfect to finish off a niche or cabinet
  • Built-in solution
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Cabinet 30
Article numberNF-04340
TypeSingle-sided frame
Weight0,286 kilo/meter
Frame color
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This single-sided textile frame is intended to built into a niche, frame or cabinet to create custom made display solutions.

This aluminium frame is used to finish off a niche, frame or cabinet. An ideal built-in solution.


Download the product sheet and install sheet.

Tread design
This profile must be pierced.
This profile must be pierced.
Drilling the profile
Endless formats Built-in solution

For installing the Cabinet 30 simply drill through the profile into the niche, frame or cabinet. Use multiple fixation points to make sure the cabinet is installed perfectly. Thanks to its simplicity, it is an ideal solution for a low cost textile frame.

To ensure stability of the frame, no stabilisers are required. The frame is attached to any custom fixture, which makes the frame stable.

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Cabinet 30 built-in
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