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3D textile frames as

Exhibition stand

Our 3D profile is specially designed for placing multiple textile prints to create spectacular exhibition stands, room dividers, banners and displays. Nowadays, aluminum textile frames are the solution for a sustainable and modular exhibition stand or display. With the Carre 80, you design unique 3D exhibition stands with seamless corners. The combination with the Double 80 makes the stand solid and stable. By using stabilizers, any size is possible. In an instant a different look? Simply change the textile print.

3D textileframe

Ideal during
trade fairs
Multiple sides could be provided
with a textile print

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Exhibition desk exhibition desk
Various settings with

Textile frames

With our textile frame you could make various setups in order to create the 3D effect. This allows you to quickly and easily create the L, U and O shape. This could be done with both double-sided and curved textile frames. Do not just build an exhibition stand, but also an exhibition desk or cube. Use the Carre 80 and Double 80 to create an exhibition stand. With the Cube 65 and Cube 65 Connector you can quickly and easily create a counter or cube. This creates the ultimate 3D effect. EFKA supplies eight corner pieces per cube.

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