Textile frames

Aluminum Textile frame

We have a wide range of aluminum textile frames were the advertising could easily and quickly change. An aluminum textile frame ensures a high attention value and is durable and versatile. Thanks to the frame-and-lock system, the aluminum textile frame can be mounted quickly and easily; no experience is needed for this. An aluminum textile frame can be mounted on a wall, but could also be placed on the ground by using baseplates and hung up by using a suspension cable or wall mount.

  aluminum textile frames
Single-sided wall frame Single-sided wall frame

Textile frame Single sided

A single-sided textile frame is intended for hanging on the wall. This aluminum profile is specially designed for a textile print with silicone tendon. Our single-sided aluminum profiles are often mounted on the wall or integrated into exhibition stands and interior construction.

Single sided textile frames

Textile frame Double sided

A double-sided textile frame offers countless possibilities at indoor events. The textile frame is combined with two textile prints with a silicone strip. You decide for yourself what the front and back are.

Double sided textile frames
Double 80 Double 80
Double 49 Double 49
Circle Circle textile frame
Cylinder Cylinder textile frame
Curved Gebogen textile frame
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Curved textile frames

Curved textile frames, who does not know them? Nowadays, the curved textile frames are the frames that literally and figuratively make the difference. Because of their striking appearance, they already have one foot in front of the normal textile frames. Our curved textile frames are also quick and easy to assemble.

Curved textile frames
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