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At EFKA it is possible to order a striking and modern frame. These striking panel frames are made out of aluminum. The frame functions as a panel on which a canvas or aluminum plate could be attached. The frame gives a professional and exclusive look to your artwork or photo on canvas. The L-shape 30 is available in various veneer colors.

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Deep box frame

Our striking panel frames are also known as a deep box frame and a shadow box picture frame. The aluminum frame is in fact a panel on which the plate material is attached. When the material is attached, a depth effect appears. The deep box frames are often made of wood, but at EFKA the aluminum profiles are provided with a wooden veneer. However, the frames with aluminum are the most popular. EFKA makes the aluminum deep box frame in any desired size. So if you still have doubts about purchasing a deep picture frame as a striking and modern frame, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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