Pop-up LEDbox

Compact and Modular lightbox

The Pop-up LEDbox is a modular pop-up frame with efficient LED lighting. The Pop-up LED box is designed to be transported quickly and can be assembled in 5 steps, without any tools. This lightbox go can be used during exhibitions and events, but is also an ideal illuminated aluminum frame for retail and public spaces.

Assemble in only 5 steps
Modular pop-up system

This lightbox is mounted in only 7 minutes, no tools needed

Lightbox with two Tension fabrics

The Pop-up LEDbox can be provided with two tension fabrics. The compact box or trolley offers a space in which the fabrics can be placed. This way the entire package can be transported add once. If you have any questions about this product, please contact us.

See instruction video
Combine the frames Connect them to each other

Easily create a dynamic exhibition stand or display by combining the aluminum frames by linking them together. The frames can be connected with the supplied connectors.