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An exhibition is meant to bring your product of service to the attention of a potential customer. Your product or service should receive the full attention at a trade fair. On this page we give tips on how to use an advertising lightbox at exhibitions.

At a trade fair your client wants a quick and easy to assemble framework, which is also easy to carry. An advantage of our advertising light boxes is the plug-and-play system. All the preliminary work, such as placing the LED lights is done by us, saving a lot of time. An EFKA lightbox, advertising light box, could be build up fast.

Sample request
Sample request

Choose one of our samples and experience our lightboxes yourself.

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LED light

The strength of light is determining at an exhibition. You distinguish yourself with a powerful message.

Single or double sided

The lightboxes of EFKA could be provided with one or two textile prints.

Dimmable lightbox

Advice: always take a dimmable light box, so that the desired light intensity could be set.

Large lightbox Large lightbox
The use of a

Advertising lightbox

Combine endlessly and stand out, that is possible with our advertising lightbox. With our LED techniques no wish is too big and every size could be made. Take the LED on stabilizer. This type of aluminum frame combined with backlit LEDs could be made in any size. This ultimate eyecatcher attracts all attention and ensures that your expression stands out.

A real eye catcher at exhibitions, stand out with led
Unique creations at exhibitions

Advertising lightbox provided with a textile

If you still doubts about the purchase of an advertising light box with textile print. Please take a look at our impression page to see what the possibilities are of light boxes. Because of our experience and expertise, no size is too big and no aluminum frame is too small. We are happy to help you make a choice. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we could help you.

Different lightboxes

Different lightboxes Different lightboxes Different lightboxes Different lightboxes
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