Single-sided frame

Lightbox 60

Single-sided frame

Lightbox 60

This single-sided aluminum profile has a minimal depth of only 60 mm creating an elegant, modern look. This frame illuminates the textile print from behind using LED strips on a dibond back. Unique is the choice of two light intensities and the ability to dim the light. This lightbox is the most often used in retail store displays.

  • High quality light distribution
  • LED-technique: LED on dibond
  • Choose between two light intensities
  • Dimmable possible
  • 3 years warranty
Get to know everything Specifications
Lightbox 60
Article numberNF-04602
ApplicationWall mount
TypeSingle-sided frame
Weight0,970 kilo/meter
OptionLED on dibond



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Tread design
Lightbox 60 rontgen
This LED strip illuminates the textile print from the rear.
The dibond connector, connects the dibond plates together.
A LED driver is a power supply for LED strips.
Lightbox 60 impression
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LED Technique

LED on dibond

These lightboxes illuminates the textile print from behind using LED strips on a dibond back. The lighting design is well-balanced to create an even illumination across the entire surface.

Unique feature of the lightboxes with LED on dibond, is the ability to choose between two light intensities. The LED with 7.250 lumen per m² gives a bright, even light distribution. The LED modules with 11.000 lumen per m² makes a real eye-catcher of the visual and is most often used in retail window displays or exhibitions.




5000-7000k White

Lumen per m²

7250 of 11000

RGB possible

More colors

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European approved

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Two light intensities

The Lightbox 60 comes in two different light intensities. Choose the best-suited solution for your client.

7250 Lumen per m² Bright
AF92-305 FK2 LED strip 160x20mm/2 LEDs/1.4W/24V
AF92-310 FK2 LED strip 320x20mm/4 LEDs/2.9W/24V
AF92-315 FK2 LED strip 80x20mm/6 LEDs/4.3W/24V
AF92-320 FK2 LED strip 960x20mm/12 LEDs/8.6W/24V
11000 Lumen per m² Super bright
AF92-005 FK7 LED strip 160x20mm/3,2W/24V
AF92-010 FK7 LED strip 240x20mm/3,2W/24V
AF92-015 FK7 LED strip 480x20mm/6,4W/24V
AF92-020 FK7 LED strip 960x20mm/15W/24V
Choose your own light strength using the LED dimmer

The brightness of an LED frame can be adjusted with a dimmer. In this way the light intensity can be determined for each environment. This product can be ordered in our webshop.

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LED dimmer LED Dimmer