Led on stabilizer

Led technique
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A textile frame with

LED on stabilizer

LED on stabilizer is recommended for large-sized textile frames to ensure an even light distribution. This technique illuminates textile prints from the back with LEDs mounted on stabilizers. The stabilizers are mounted on the outer textile frame, so the frame is extra strong. Every size is possible thanks to the stabilizers. Despite these large sizes, it is still possible for us to transport the packaging compactly. This is because the system is completely modular.

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LED on stabilizer

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LED on stabilizer
led technique

The frame is illuminated
from the back of the frame

Large lightboxes

Every size lightbox is possible
thanks to the stabilizers

Compactly packaged and
beneficially transportable

Modular construction where the
LED is pre-assembled

A textile frame with led on stabilizer

The power of Illuminated textile frames

The flat power LEDs are mounted on stabilizers whom reinforce the frame. The angle of the lens is positioned so it gives perfect even illumination over the entire frame. This is the power of illuminated textile frames. With the right lighting, an advertisement or message is noticed much more quickly.

This LED lighting could also be dimmed. The dimmer is processed in the frame, just like the driver. With the supplied remote control, the lightbox can be easily dimmed. In most situations it is advisable to take a dimmable frame. So the dimmable frame could be set to the desired strength.