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Increase the attention value with eye catching light boxes in public areas. A lightbox, LED frame, in large public places functions as an information board. So a message is clearly and prominently transmitted. Textile prints with a flat tendon could be placed in our aluminum textile frames. This is also the case with our LED frames. The textile print is easy to change, which changes the look, feeling and message. In public spaces, this ensures that a message is effectively used, so the visitor whom is passing by sees the print.

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Sample request

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Indoor lightbox Indoor lightbox
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Indoor lightbox

An indoor lightbox brings atmosphere and luxury into a place. On the picture on the right, a message could clearly be brought to your attention in a subtle and striking way. At the same time, the light box with LED and textile print provides added value to the room due to its luxurious appearance.

In many cases it is advisable to make these light boxes dimmable. They often hang in a hall near the elevator or a similar place. Because a print could be changed it is unknown which images will be used. It could sometimes occur that the LED (especially in the winter) is too fierce. This makes it advisable to make the frame dimmable, so the color of the image is adjustable.

A lightbox could occur in different public places
The many possibilities of

Light boxes

Do you not know which lightbox or light boxes you would like to use? Think carefully about which message you want to convey to the visitor. Light always reinforces the message, so it is important to choose what is going to be illuminated and where the focus is on. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Different lightboxes

Different lightboxes Different lightboxes Different lightboxes Different lightboxes
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