LED frames
double sided

Double sided Light boxes

EFKA's double-sided light boxes are easy to assemble and disassemble. Create a radiant and striking visual at trade fairs, in shops, in showrooms or during exhibitions. The light boxes ensure that a message is clearly visible during the day and in the dark. Complete the frame with two textile prints.

Double-sided lightbox double-sided lightbox
Create a radiant and striking visual

Freestanding Lightbox

Our light box is mainly used as illuminated textile frame in exhibition stands, in shops and showrooms. These light boxes could be provided with a textile print finished with a flat tendon. These prints could easily be placed in the textile frame. The light box could be used as a billboard if it is equipped with baseplates. Baseplates ensure that a freestanding lightbox is created. The double-sided LED frames could also be suspended with a ceiling mount or suspension cable.

Freestanding ligthbox vrijstaande lightbox