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Aluminum led frame As lightbox

A lightbox gives a space more dimension, more experience, atmosphere and a modern look. Our lightbox is available in any desired size because we have developed a wide range of LED techniques. The advantage of a lightbox is that some of our variants are dimmable. This allows you to set the strength of the light yourself. The aluminum led frame could also be used as an eye-catcher to increase the attention value on an advertisement or during an exhibition. This increases the sales.

Depending on your wishes, there is always a LED frame technique that matches the desired end result. The textile print gives you a flexible solution to send a message. New message? New textile print! A big advantage is that there is no need to purchase a new LED frame.

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In our assortment we have a large diversity of lightboxes. All our LED frames are for single-sided use. The advertising light box that is most suitable for single-sided use is LED on dibond. With this one-sided lightbox, the LED is pre-assembled on a dibond plate. Besides the LED on dibond, EFKA also sells magical and dynamic 3D. These LED techniques are also for single-sided use.

Our Edge Lit and LED on stabilizer are aluminum profiles, are especially for double-sided aluminum LED frames. These profiles could be provided with a textile print on both sides. This textile print is also illuminated on both sides. It is also possible to hang the LED profiles at the ceiling and the closed profiles on the wall. The back can be provided with a block-out fabric, so that the wall on which the LED frame hangs is not visible.

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