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The shop window

Attractive printed banners for shop or shop window display decoration. Design your store, shop window or showroom in a representative and attractive way. Create different banners for each season or theme. The textile print is easy to change, so that an advertisement is quickly adapted. This applies to both EFKA's single-sided, double-sided and keder frames. Place a spotlight in the shop window and shine the light on the frame with keder tendon or go for a SEG frame with LED.

Shop display Shop display

Aluminium keder frame

The ideal

Advertising material

The keder frame or SEG frame are ideal advertising materials to place in a shop window. The product is lightweight, quick to set up and easy to disassemble. Go for a structure that immediately attracts the attention. These are presentations in round or repetitive forms. Combine the shop display with the products that are sold, so that the customer gets a better experience.

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