Hang your poster with a

Keder rails

With the Cord 43 you could easily clip your textile poster. EFKA has had this product in its range for years and is known under several names. It is known as hanging system, poster snap or poster clip. In the sign world this product is better known as keder, kederframe or aluminum keder rails.

Aluminum keder frame

Keder rails are used in several public places

Keder frames as decoration Aluminum keder rails
What is A keder?

The word köder is German and means to tighten or attract point. It is a high-quality compound that is used as edge reinforcement and as a connecting element for textiles. A frame with a keder tendon has a high tensile strength. Our keder frame is often used in stand construction as an exhibition banner, in the retail as window display and in public areas as keder rails. So it is an ideal affordable aluminum frame.

Aluminum frames applicable as
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