Anwendung:Schallabsorbieren, hinter bedruckten Textilien
Brandschutztest:DIN 4102 B1
The sound absorption values of


Improve acoustics and reduce reverberation in any desired environment. Basotect® improves the acoustics in, for example, restaurants, reception areas, meeting rooms and offices. Basotect® can only be applied to the Double 50. Place the sound-absorbing material on the wall or free-standing.

The different Basotect® versions

Reduce noise in the office and ensure a comfortable work environment with sound-absorbing material: Basotect®.

Basotect finish 3 Basotect beende 1 Best absorption
Basotect finish 2 Basotect beende 2 Best absorption
Basotect finish 1 Basotect beende 3 Ausgezeichnet absorption

BasotectⓇ his Resistance

BasotectⓇ combines many requirements for high-performance foam in one product. This product is used in the construction and industrial sectors. This product is also for private use.

Chemical Resistance

Thanks to Basotect® his highly cross-linked structure, it is resistant to different solvents. When it comes to acids and alkalis, the resistance has to be checked concrete; like temperature, the exposure time and the concentration. They could be of influence on the resistance of the foam.

Fire Resistance

BasotectⓇ meets the most important international fire safety standards. The high nitrogen content of the resin is responsible for the extremely flame resistant property of the foam. The foam simply chars and produces a small amount of smoke, and there is no afterglow, making Basotect® particularly suitable for applications with high fire safety requirements.


The product does not contaminate the water and is provided with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate.