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For sublimation on textiles is only on a surface consisting of at least 65% polyester. Sublimation is a chemical process in which a substance moves from a solid phase to a gaseous phase. For the printing of materials, such as cloths, sublimation is used to "bake in" the print. Heat-sensitive ink is used to mix with textile. This creates a bright, lively full-color textile print that is scratch and water resistant.

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Sublimation print can only be applied to a polyester substrate, where the colors are inserted into the polyester. Today, there is a polyester type that looks and feels like cotton, which results in excellent results for our textile products. A textile print with a sublimation print, makes sure that the colors are clear and of high quality. The textile print is wrinkle free and could cleaned. This makes them very suitable our aluminum textile frames and LED frames.

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