In-store advertising with Textile Frames

Instore advertising is a flexible and very powerful communication tool to show your customers what you have to offer and is very suitable for retailers and suppliers. With in-store advertising products you create an advertising that attracts a wide audience and really stands out.

Instore advertising Instore advertising
Increase sales Increase sales
Create more sales with Impulse purchases

In-store advertising makes the store more lively and generates more sales because more impulse purchases are made. By using the in-store advertising in combination with our innovative aluminum textile frames with or without LED lighting, you immediately attract the attention of your customers.

EFKA is the specialist in

Creative advertising products

EFKA is the specialist in in-store advertising that are custom made. Our creative products help to show your advertising message even better. Changing a textile print is very easy. Interested in our in-store advertising? Then contact one of our representatives.

SEG-Frame with textile print SEG Frame in show window
The frame with

A textile print

Only a textile print with flat tendon / silicone strip could be applied to almost all of our aluminum frames. The tendon cloth could be applied to the textile frame, curved frame or LED frame. The textile print is only not applicable on our panel frames or keder frame. The panel frame could be provided with a painting or other artwork, so that it has a beautified appearance. The keder frame should be provided with a textile print with a keder tendon.