Double 100 closed sample corner
Doppelseitiger Rahmen Double 100 closed

Doppelseitiger Rahmen

Double 100 closed
  • Strong profile
  • Suitable for extreme sizes
  • Combine open and closed together
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Double 100 closed
AnwendungFreistehend / Hängend
TypDoppelseitiger Rahmen
Gewicht1,415 Kilo/Meter
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This double-sided textile frame has a depth of 100 mm. This aluminum profile could be placed as a freestanding or hanging frame. Place this textile frame in your store or showroom.


Laden Sie hier den Install Sheet herunter oder sehen Sie sich den Product Sheet als PDF an.

Tread design
Double 100 rontgen
With the ceiling mount you can hang any double-sided frame.
Double 100 foto
Groot formaat frames frame
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Nutzen sie stabilizer Nutzen sie stabilizer

Large format Textil-Spannrahm

Our large format textile frames are packaged compactly to minimize transportation costs. Assemble the profiles together with the required accessories. Add stabilizers to the SEG frame to ensure stability.

Stabilizing a SEG frame

Stabilizer advice

Stabilizers are needed to guarantee the stability of large format textile- and LED frames. The aluminum stabilizers are used to distribute the weight of the large frame, creating a very sturdy frame.

To guarantee stability of the frame, stabilizers are added depending on the size of the frame.

Frame length Stabilisers
< 2 meter 0
2 - 2,5 meter 1 recommended
2,5 - 4 meter 1 required
4 - 5 meter 2 recommended
5 - 6,5 meter 2 required
6,5 - 7,5 meter 3 recommended
7,5 - 9 meter 3 required
Stabiliser options Stabilizer options

Two textile prints

Double-sided textile frame

In a double-sided textile frame, two textile prints could be placed.

So wird der rahmen verwendet Nutzung
Double 80 hanging
Double 80 freestanding